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  • Brad Pierson
    General Manager

  • Dave Gedak
    General Sales Manager

    Dave has been working at Murray's since July 1993. He was born and raised in the Estevan area.

    In his spare time, Dave loves to watch Nascar and spend time at the lake. He has two sons and enjoys watching them play hockey and going snowmobiling.

  • Ashley Lattery
    Sales Manager

    Ashley was born and raised in Montreal, Qc. She moved to SE Saskatchewan in January 2011. Ashley started here at Murray GM in October 2011. She loves working in sales and customer service.

    In her spare time she loves baking, reading, camping, and spending time with her husband and three step children.

  • Darin Stark
    Product Specialist

    Darin was born and raised in Estevan. He started working in at Border Town Chev-Olds, which is now Murray's. He has been a sales professional for over 25 years. He is one of the Top Ten Sales Professionals in the Murray Auto Group. 

    Darin has three sons,Taylor, Ryan, and Brody. He also has a great wife Stella, and she has a son Lyndon and daughter Jillie.

    His hobbies are boating and snowmobiling at his cabin on the lake. 

  • Terry Stefiuk

    Terry was born and raised in Estevan. He has been here for 55 years. He's been in the car business for 30 years. He's just as excited delivering vechiles today as he was 30 years ao. He's had the pleasure of selling vehicles to three generations of families. "This is what happens when you're the old guy in the car business!" Quoted Terry. 

    Terry wishes summer was longer so he could ride his motorcycle more ofen. He also spends lots of time with his two dogs, his family and his new grandson.

    "Life is great!"says Terry.

  • Lorne Schlemko
    Product Specialist

    Lorne has been a resident of the Estevan area since 1992. He has worked here at Murray's since May of 2011. Prior to the automotive business he worked Inside Sales for the Oilfield for 13 years.  

    Between his girlfriend and himself, they have 4 children. When they can all get away, they love to go skiing as often as possible. 

  • Neil Varatharajan
    Product Specialist

  • David Mack
    Product Specialist - Fleet

    Dave is from Estevan and has been with Murray's since August of 2016.

    Dave loves all things automotive. He has been an active volunteer with the Estevan Motor Speedway since 1999. Dave enjoys spending time with his wife Joyce and his family, including three very active grandsons!

  • Nick Sidhu
    Product Specialist

  • Kris Duran
    Product Specialist

    Kris is originally from the Philippines and moved to Canada in 2009. He has been with us at Murray GM since March 2015.

    In his spare time, Kris loves to sing, play his acoustic guitar, and play basketball.

  • Philip Holzer
    Business Manager

    Phil has been at Murray's since September of 2004 and in the car business since 1983. Phil is married and a very proud Dad of two sons and one daughter. He is also a Grandfather to two wonderful grandchildren

    In his spare time he loves to snowmobile, go boating, work with horses, and he really enjoys yard work as well as carpentry work!

  • Steve Jewhurst
    Shop Supervisor

    Steve was born and raised in Yorkton. He has been with Murray Gm for over 25 years as the Warranty Administrator. 

    As a hobby he enjoys doing various carpentry projects for himself and others, which he has done for several years. 

    He has been married to his wife Karen for 26 years and they live in Torquay. They also have two daughters, Alicia and Jalisa. Steve and Karen also have a beautiful grandaughter, Soraya that they love to spoil and spend lots of time with. 

  • Jennifer Moore
    Service Advisor

    Jennifer is originally from Estevan. She worked at Murray's from 2003-2011 and rejoined us in September 2016.

    Jenn spends her spare time with her family. She is active in EMF and Estevan Junior Coaler Rollers as well as subs, scouts, and army cadets. Her family enjoys camping and spending time outside.

  • Christina Kolb
    Service Advisor

  • Jessica Fisher
    Service Advisor

  • Angel Boxell
    Service Advisor

  • Cheryl Loewen
    Service Cashier/Appointment Coordinator

    Cheryl is from Turner Valley Alberta. She has been working at Murray GM since September 2015. 

    Cheryl enjoys gardening, crocheting, and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

  • Stephen Guad
    Service Technician

    Stephen is originally from the Philippines and has been at Murray's since April 2013.

    In his spare time, Stephen loves playing basketball, dancing, and watching movies.

  • Jumar Tumandan
    Service Technician

    Jumar is originally from the Philippines. He started working at Murray GM in April of 2013.

    In his free time, Jumar loves to play and watch basketball and is a movie enthusiast.

  • Joey Rejano
    Service Technician

  • Landon Doole
    Service Technician

    Landon grew up in the Estevan area and has been at Murray's since February of 2017. 

    Landon loves sports, especially soccer and curling. He also enjoys action movies and board games.

  • Zach Seipp
    Service Technician

    Zach was born and raised in the Estevan area and has been at Murray's since 2007.

    In his spare time, Zach enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and working on his truck and quad.

  • Ryland Daoust
    Service Technician

  • Cliffvan Bondoc
    Service Technician

  • Roldan Panlilio

    Roldan is originally from the Philippines. He started working at Murray GM in July of 2017.

    In his free time, Roldan enjoys playing basketball and watching movies.

  • Dalton Holland
    Lube Bay Technician

  • Jesus Gonzales
    Service Technician

  • Mark Biglete
    Service Technician

  • David Seipp
    Custodial Services

    Dave is from Estevan and has been with Murray GM since May of 2013. 

    In his free time Dave enjoys traveling to see baseball games, his favorite team is the Blue Jays. He has been to Seattle, Minneapolis, and Kansas City to see them! He also likes to collect die cast cars and enjoys painting houses.

  • Brady Cairns
    Wash Bay

  • Brooklyn Greer
    Wash Bay

  • Courtney Wall
    Wash Bay

  • Tammy Greer

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Parts Manager

    Curtis was born and raised in the Estevan area. He has lived here all his life. Curtis started at Trout Chevrolet in 1984 and has never looked back. He enjoys working with his collegues and new challenges. He spent 25 years on the Estevan Fire & Rescue Services of which he enjoyed every minute of.

    Curtis is married with three beautiful children, two daughters and one son. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, being outdoors, gardening and yard work.

  • Charles Moore
    Parts Consultant

    Charles has lived in Estevan for five years and started at Murray GM in September of 2016 in our parts department.

    In his spare time, Charles enjoys gardening, farming, and travelling. He also has a love for old cars and motorcycles.

  • Jenelle Wilson
    Parts/Body Shop Associate

    Jennelle is originally from Melfort. She has been working at Murray's since 2014.

    In her spare time, Jennelle loves spending time with her husband and three kids. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and gardening.

  • Cheyenne Grant

    Cheyenne was born in moose Jaw and moved to Estevan in 2009. She started at Murray GM in 2010, shortly after moving. She has worked in washbay and detailing, shipping and receiving, and reception.

    Cheyenne loves to spend time with her daughter and family. She enjoys going to the family cabin year round and plays hockey during the winter season.

  • Rodney Wright
    Parts Consultant

    Rodney "Rocket" grew up in the little town of Leaf Rapids in Manitoba. He started at Murray's in May of 2016 as our I.T. Technician and has since moved to our parts department.

    In his spare time, Rodney enjoys working with computers and other technology as well as building creations with Lego.

  • Matthew Bill
    Parts Consultant

    Matthew was born and raised in Estevan. He has been with Murray's since April 2017 in the parts department.

    Matt loves sports and plays hockey, baseball, and golf.

  • Fred Lattery
    Body Shop Manager

    Fred has 10 years of GM experience and has been with us since March 2017 after previously working in parts.

    Fred has a love for ratrods, muscle cars, and playing the drums. He also loves to spend time with his wife and three children, two boys and a girl.

  • Randy Stovin
    Auto Body Technician

    Randy was born and raised in Carnduff. He moved to Estevan in 1991. He has been working at Murray's ever since in the Auto Body Department.

    Randy is married with two wonderful children. He loves golfing in his spare time.

  • Tyrone Torkelson
    Body Shop Technician

  • Sergii Prysiazhniuk
    Auto Body Technician

    Sergii was born and raised in the Ukraine. He moved to Estevan in 2009 and has been working for Murray's ever since. He has been an Auto Body Technician for 15 years.

    Sergii is married with one wonderful daughter. In his spare time he likes to go fishing.

  • Deidre Allan

  • Christine Meszaros

    Christine has been with Murray's since November 2015 and is from the Estevan area.

    In her spare time she enjoys spending time outside fishing and running her three dogs, Kixx, Nixon, and Lexi. She also enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Kendelle Lesiuk
    Marketing Coordinator

  • Barb Clauson
    Accounts Payable

    Barb grew up in Torquay Saskatchewan and has worked in the Accounting office at Murray's since February of 2011. She really enjoys the work and the people she works with.

    She's married and has three grown children, two boys and a girl. She has two wonderful grandsons. Her hobbies are yoga, golfing and camping!

  • Carson Ruel
    Accounts Receivable

    Carson grew up in Benson Saskatchewan and moved to Estevan in 2011. She has worked at Murray's since March of 2012.

    Carson enjoys various art forms such as painting and photography. She also has a love for animals of all kinds.

  • Christy McNeil
    Accounts Receivable

  • Chelsea Kramer